A different kind of school

Stephen on last night’s matchup with Steve Nash: “I’m definitely going to look at this film and study how he manages the game and try to pick some things from that.”

A SoCon preview

For what it’s worth.


At the Nasher Sculpture Center.

Lessons from Nash

Chron off last night:

When Warriors rookie Stephen Curry was yanked in the closing minute of the first half Friday night, a courtside fan stood up and yelled, “Take some notes, Curry.”

Rest assured he was.


Going up against Steve Nash

Tonight in Phoenix: “It’ll be fun to play against an All-Star caliber point guard who I’ve studied a lot and tried to learn from for the last few years.” Less than a year ago.

The Butler Bulldogs

No. 10 in the nation in the USA Today/ESPN preseason poll: Bulldogs have loads of talent back and could be poised to make noise nationally. Gordon Hayward and Matt Howard pace the frontcourt with Shelvin Mack and Willie Veasley providing a veteran backcourt punch. Nov. 14 opener at Hinkle.


Familiar but so new

Bryant on Stephen

On Twitter: great start for roommate.


Battier on Stephen

To SI’s Chris Ballard: “He has the poise of, not a seasoned veteran, but you couldn’t tell that was his first NBA game. A lot of times, looking at a rookie, you’re like, ‘Wow, this kid is just trying to figure out where to park his car.’ But he looked composed, he knows the game, he has it.”

Read them all

Poole: The loudest and warmest and most achingly hopeful greeting was extended to the new guy. Kawakami: He’s the crown jewel of the Warriors’ Hope Diamonds. And especially Ostler: On Curry’s to-do list: Save the Warriors.

Four thoughts from last night

1. I had never before watched a regular-season West Coast NBA game into the a.m. hours on Channelsurfing.net.

2. It had been a while since I had watched an NBA game at all, actually, not on press row, not in a seat in the stands, at least not from start to finish, and so this was a reminder: That league is a league of shot makers and freaks. Extraordinarily tall, strong, fast, skilled, often all of those traits put together in one body -- anatomical anomalies, every one of those guys.

3. Stephen looked comfortable, more comfortable as the game went on, so comfortable, really, that I found myself thinking: It’s practically incomprehensible to consider him in a Davidson uniform this year. He loves Davidson, and Davidson loves him -- for basketball purposes, though, he’s very much where he belongs. There was one pass he threw, in the third quarter, maybe the fourth, where he was leading the break and he hit a big guy running down the center of the court, a two-handed rope of a look that didn’t hit the floor and just seemed to stick to the guy’s hands. There are very few people on the planet who (1) could see that and (2) could then turn that vision into an easy dunk for somebody else. He’s a freak.

4. I sat watching in my place in downtown St. Pete but I was not alone. My phone was buzzing with texts and the Davidson parts of my feeds on Twitter and Facebook were clear. One text from Bro Krift in Texas: “I can’t believe I’m watching the Warriors pregame show ...” I thought: I can. Eileen Keeley on Facebook: “We are united watching Stephen Curry ...” That was a shared experience last night.


On Stephen tonight

Kevin Cary: I knew. You all knew. On DavidsonCats.com.

Saturday in Austin

For what now feels like the annual closed preseason scrimmage against Texas. Austin American-Statesman.


Tonight: opener in Oakland

Stephen, sounding like Stephen: “There are so many things you have to learn, so to cut down the learning curve, you have to learn it once and be able to do it over and over again. I’m making mistakes, but I’m learning from them and I’ve been able to move on to the next play and not hang my head.” Look back: The latest chapter, The gift, STEFF-in, On Stephen’s ‘athleticism’, Three things, We’ve seen this before, What he does. Charlotte mag: Staying Stephen, See Stephen Go.


Stephen of Davidson

The Observer, Nov. 11, 2006:

Wildcats freshman Stephen Curry, who had 13 turnovers, recovered with consecutive 3-pointers to give Davidson its first lead of the second half at 70-66 with 2:12 remaining.

Curry followed with a darting runner in the lane a minute later that helped hold off the Eagles. Before that stretch, Curry was 2-for-9 from the field and 0-for-4 from behind the arc.

“That’s a great credit to him that he didn’t hang his head,” Wildcats coach Bob McKillop said.

And tomorrow night is the first regular-season game in his NBA career.

The World’s Most Famous Arena

More (and more to come) over at The Davidson Project.


Elon’s media guide

Six quotes about Matt in his bio. Three of them from Davidson guys.

Stephen: “Matt Matheny is an outstanding coach who got the absolute best out of me every day during my tenure at Davidson. He recruited me, saw my potential and helped develop me into the player that I am today.”

Jason: “Coach Matheny has been an influential part of my success not only as a college athlete, but also as a professional athlete. He has helped me on the court with workouts, studying film, and scouting opponents as well as off the court in life.”

McKillop: “Matt is a terrific teacher, a superb leader and an even better person.”

In SI’s NBA preview

A rival scout on the Warriors: “I know Ellis said he didn’t think he and Stephen Curry can play together, but I think they should. Curry’s a much more willing passer and smarter player than Ellis, and he’d enable Monta to play off the ball.” Chron: “ ... consistently called the team’s best passer by coaches ... ”


Ludowici, Ga.

A writersweekend. Food and drink. Shop talk and fellowship.

What Chris Paul sees

When he looks at Stephen of Davidson: “He had to shoot the ball the whole time in college. A lot of people have underestimated his ballhandling ability, too. He’s a complete player. At times, he’ll get a chance to show it. At times, he’ll just be a shooter. When he has to, in the open court and stuff like that, he’s great with the ball.”

Opening night starter

Don Nelson: “Right now, anybody who plays with Curry looks good, because he sees the floor and finds them.” Merc.


Stephen to start?


Mired in a preseason-long shooting slump, Curry broke out a little with his jumper and a lot with everything else in the Warriors’ 126-92 win over New Orleans at Oracle Arena. He had 14 points on 6-of-13 shooting, 10 assists, six rebounds and six steals.

“I thought the difference in the game was Curry,” coach Don Nelson said. “When we inserted him into the game, we immediately started moving the ball better, pushing the ball better and doing all of the things I’ve been wanting us to do.

“The little guy is good, and it’s going to be hard to keep him out of the lineup.”

The fifth starter has been a question throughout the preseason, but Nelson said “as far as I’m concerned, he won the job tonight.”

In which Bill texts me about JP

“Anything he wants.” The new kids.

Up at Elon

Matheny: “For an October scrimmage, there were a lot of good things. We’ve had some good practices. But I don’t know if we would have beaten anybody ... ” “Good start. Good start.


ESPN’s NBA preview

Jon Barry: Stephen Curry is in the perfect system to thrive.

How people talk Ctd

Cremins: “Look at the field. Look at the conferences these teams come from. South Carolina from the SEC, Miami from the ACC, Penn State from the Big Ten. And Davidson.” How people talk about Davidson basketball.

Bryant on Twitter

Quoting Aristotle: We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.

Scott on Stephen’s postcard


Basketball star Stephen Curry wanted to show the Davidson community how thankful he is for the past three years.

So, on the eve of his NBA career, Curry made a remarkable gesture. At a personal cost of $3,000, he sent out 2,000 “Thank You” postcards this month to fans, faculty, students and alumni.

“I started thinking about this while I was taking a summer school class at Davidson,” Curry said in a phone interview Wednesday from Oakland, Calif., after completing a practice with his new team, the Golden State Warriors. “It hit me that I wasn’t going to be able to say goodbye to everyone I wanted to, and that they might have a hard time keeping up with me now that I’m on the West Coast. I want people to know that even though I’m here, I’m still deeply tied into Charlotte and Davidson.”

Greensboro. Blog. QC Sports Blog. Salisbury.


The North Charleston Sheraton

This just became Thomas’ Facebook profile picture. The General, by the way, is 24 today.

This week’s Davidsonian

Word is Stephen’s postcard takes up half of page 4.

Bruce Snyderwith

LAS? Are you starting all over again? Is this guy serious?

Logan in Germany

Dusseldorf Giants.

After last night’s game

The Merc’s fan blog:

Stephen Curry looks more in control with every game. The team jumped out to an 8-0 run upon his entry in the second quarter, thanks in large part to Curry’s smart passing. On his first play, he found Morrow streaking up court on a fast break for a wide-open transition three. He didn’t force his jump shot, had some nice drives to the rim, and generally looked like a seasoned vet out there.

They’re all gone


McKillop on Twitter

This morning: Players who want to get better, listen to get better, and work to get better.


Talking to season ticket holders

Stephen on a conference call. Go to about the 15-minute mark of Part 2. Last night in a loss: 9, 4 and 4 in 16 minutes.

The Davidson Project

What it’s about: This is our effort to tell a small piece of a big story that never stops. Basketball is the window here, it is the entry point, but the story -- the story is of a place and its people.

Brendan in Germany

How people talk about Davidson basketball

Now it’s like this:

Heard of any of these teams? Kansas? Alabama? Syracuse? UMass? Davidson?

And like this:

Wozniak is being recruited by several schools, most notably ...

Used to be pretty much the opposite, of course -- the program was pretty darn good, and yet nobody knew, or only the avid, educated few. The power of March. The power of CBS. The power of a star in sports-info-tainment in a celebrity culture.

Preseason drumbeat

Adam Stockstill’s status this morning on Facebook: ... is at the Davidson basketball breakfast listening to Coach McKillop explain how we will continue to dominate the SoCon without Curry.

Our new project

That means you.


The town’s branding plan


“Over 25 individual and group interviews are scheduled over three days to immerse the consultants into the Davidson community and psyche,” said Sandy Lemons, downtown director.

The Davidson community and psyche? Consultants? Three days? That’s a small window to understand a big thing.

What would you tell them?

Placid preseason? Nope

Shaun Powell on NBA.com:

Stephen Curry is getting a point-blank education in October, and it’s just getting started. The Warriors have the potential to be entertaining both on the court and on the bench. Jackson, for example, might be a season-long migraine, given his moods and trade demands. Teams are offering only a stale bag of popcorn and a flat soda for him, meaning if Jackson refuses to shut up, the low-ball offers will keep coming and he’ll keep sticking around. If that’s the case, then the Warriors can only hope Jackson doesn’t destroy the locker room along with his trade value.

Dell: “We talked about that. There’s going to be situations and circumstances. He just has to be accountable for his own actions, not anyone else’s. That stuff going on with other players is not a concern. That’s between them and the organization. He’s not going to get caught up in that or anything else.”

Local TV interview

McKillop: “That team was Davidson’s team. That was North Mecklenburg County’s team. That was Charltote’s team. Every alum, every friend, every community member lived as though they were part of that team.” Also: “I’m confident we will create some surprises this year.”


‘Moving me where I am supposed to go’


This team -- not one person, not two people, this TEAM -- and this coach -- and the community they bring together have changed my life dramatically over the past 3 years, in ways I can tangibly see and feel and understand and rejoice in every.single.day. They have given me moments of joy, yes, deep moments of full throttle roaring gut busting pride pounding euphoria that I would love to relive againandagainandagain, but -- more than that, because of those -- they've given me a life within that chapter and into the next, inside the arena and out. They've pushed people into my path that I wouldn't have found otherwise, they've given me friends and mentors and family. Relationships that first bonded with a basket or bloomed with jokes watching warmups or strengthened with screaming stuck in one moment unable to move collective courage inhale exhale inhale exhale. Relationships first written with words suddenly pulled into reality, hereweare, sitting and steeping in stories, creating our own as the hours pass, lazy, wonderful, laughterful.

All of this.

From the other night

Getting a lot of traffic from California

This is why. The Stephen effect.

Our candidate for Charlotte mayor

Anthony Foxx: “He really can represent all of Charlotte. He’s had a touch of all of it.”

A debate on Rivals

Best overall state for college basketball?

North Carolina

David Fox:

You can pair Duke and North Carolina with Kentucky and Louisville and say they’re on equal footing, but then throw in Wake Forest and N.C. State. Even Charlotte and Davidson make things interesting from time to time.

Steve MeGargee:

North Carolina State also has won multiple national championships. Wake Forest and Charlotte have reached the Final Four, and Davidson has been one win from the Final Four on three separate occasions.

Seth on the Stephen comparisons

On GoDuke.com: “People think it bothers me, but it doesn’t. He’s been such a great player in college the last few years. If I’m going to be compared, I’d like to be compared to great players.”

On DeCourcy picking Davidson

It was pointed out over at Cats.com that the Sporting News preview mag has Davidson playing in the 2010 NCAA tournament even thought it also has Davidson finishing third in the South Division of the Southern Conference.

The league run-down was written by freelancer Michael Bradley. The tourney projections came from SN senior writer Mike DeCourcy. Mike, I know, is an admirer of Davidson basketball and more specifically of Bob McKillop.

Here’s some of what he told me almost a year and a half ago, on April 30, 2008, when we talked for the book -- and maybe a part of an explanation for his pick:

“I see a commitment to system. I see a belief in what they do. I see that even when they’re out-manned.”

“A lot of guys get to that level by selling themselves as coaches and selling the program. But there are very few coaches out there who teach the game as well as Bob.”

“His guys know how to play the game. And they get better.”

His shooting struggles

Stephen: “I’m shooting a lot more off ball screens here. In college it was more in transition, pulling up off the dribble or working the ball and getting it back off a screen. Different shots now in the NBA. I just have to get used to it.” Last night: 3-for-9 for six points and four assists. DavidsonNews.net.

Dancing in October

More of Tim’s pictures here and here.


Tonight out in Sacramento

Warriors at Kings.

The new kids

Stan Olson:

Most noticeable were guard J.P. Kuhlman and 6-10 forward Jake Cohen. Both were heavily recruited and showed why, with Cohen scoring inside and out to finish with eight points and at least three blocks, and Kuhlman contributing a three-pointer, a layup in transition and a jolt of confidence.

McKillop: “Let’s shock the experts. Let’s freakin’ take what’s ours!”

The middle of October


A Night with the Cats

Text from Claire: “Doors open in five minutes; line is out to the friggin parking lot.”

Quoting Ron Artest

On No. 30: “I just love the kid. I just love his game. I think everybody was deprived last year when they didn’t play him in the NCAA Tournament. They should have found a way to get him in there ... they should have cheated. Everybody’s got a little bit of cheat in them. That was one time to be corrupt. Put Stephen or Steven Curry, whatever his name is, in the NCAA Tournament.” Warriors beat: Worried about Curry’s J? Nelson: “He’ll figure it out.”

The Observer says ...

How will Davidson maintain the level of success it has enjoyed the past few seasons? The seniors -- Steve Rossiter, Bryant Barr, Dan Nelms and Will Archambault -- have won 85 games. They know how to win. Tonight at Belk.

University alert

Bleacher Report:

Undeterred, Curry decided to accept an offer from tiny Davidson University, and that is where his legend starts.

College. Davidson College.

Marcus Jordan

The former Davidson recruit on his NBA2K10 habits: “I play with the Lakers. So I always have to give Kobe the ball, [or] Ron Artest. I actually traded Derek Fisher and some other players for Stephen Curry. So, Stephen Curry runs my point guard. Stephen Curry gets a couple shots here and there, too.”

People who don’t know

Mid-Major Madness:

A sad fan base turns its lonely eyes to the void that is left by a departed Stephen Curry. Curry led the Wildcats to an average of 28.3 wins in his three seasons, but he’s not the only loss for the Wildcats. Second-leading scorer Andrew Lovedale and league defensive player of the year Max Paulhus Gosselin also are gone. Archambault (8.3 ppg) is the top returning scorer. Look for JP Kuhlman, a three-star guard who can light it up from deep, to make an early impact.

Im not sad. Are you sad?


‘Picturing Davidson’

Bill Giduz: “I proceed on the assumption that every one of these people could wind up doing something significant in the world.” Opens Thursday night.

Guess what?

He’s a point.

A long time ago

Art Chansky book excerpt:

A week later, Scott scored 32 and hit the winning shot against Davidson, knocking his once-to-be coach Driesell out of the NCAA tournament for the second straight year and sending the Tar Heels to yet another Final Four.

Charlie Scott.

The Chron’s beat man

Rusty Simmons: “I’m nearly convinced that Stephen Curry is going to be special ...

Our Future

So I’m going through the college’s new strategic plan, approved the other day by the trustees, and I’m underlining things here, underlining things there, and then, near the bottom of the 16th of 18 pages ... this:

In order to broaden the curricular offerings required by a liberal arts education in the world of today and tomorrow; to provide for more interdisciplinary work; to enhance resources for teaching and learning; to ensure that classes have a sufficient number of students for interaction and discussion; and to help support the college’s objective of enrolling a more diverse student body including international students, Davidson will need to hire additional faculty and staff and slightly increase the student population. With these changes, the college intends to maintain a student-faculty ratio of 10:1 and its status as a residential institution with an on-campus student population of at least 93 percent.

In consideration of the above objectives, Davidson will incrementally increase the total enrollment of students pursuing a Davidson degree by 150 students, from the current number of approximately 1,850 to an eventual maximum of 2,000.

That feels like a pretty big deal, no?

Golden State drama

Stephen Jackson says he doesn’t want to be captain or a role model. No. 30 says: “This has been different for me, but I have a feeling that once the season starts, things will settle down. I really don’t know what else to say about this offseason and the things that have happened up to this point, but I have an optimistic outlook for our future. Hopefully, things will turn around.” Deadspin. The real world.


Training like Beckham

From the Dusseldorf Giants:

Question to Brendan: You played an extremely strong preseason and scored in double digits in almost all the games. How do you explain the good shape you are in?

Answer from Brendan: This summer I worked especially on making my legs stronger and worked with a personal trainer on that. He was an athletic trainer in the Premier League for a long time and in the U.S. he worked for the L.A. Galaxy and there with David Beckham among others. So he knew his stuff. We met twice a week. So far it has really paid off.

Translation help? Danke.

Stephen in L.A.

Exhibition No. 5: 11, 3 and 3. Woj: Worst owner in the NBA but Stephen is “marvelous.”


Find the Wildcats

At the Community School.

Across the Atlantic

Andrew: Thanks to skype and Molly who held up the webcam for me to watch Steph play live on TNT against the suns at 5am my time. STB Le Havre.

The soccer team

No. 21 in the nation.

Thoughts on Saturday night


Turns out, Curry might be ready for the NBA after all.

Well, seems like he
s learning, adjusting, thinking, figuring things out. I know this and probably only this for sure: There will be ups and there will be downs and this is the beginning and we will be watching.

Friday night at Belk

McKillop: A Night With the Cats is only a few days away. Our players will be picking the winner of my Look-Alike contest. Davidson. DavidsonNews.net.

Henderson to Vandy

No thanks.

The Davidson recruiting class of 2014 with Henderson would have been the best McKillop’s ever had, no question, by far, not even close, and this class of Droney, Downing, Czerapowicz and a player to be determined still could be.

What does Henderson’s decision mean? It means, as always, that it takes a different kind of 17-year-old kid, like Droney, to pick against the brightest lights and the biggest crowds. You can go to the NBA from Davidson. You’ll just have to board a bus or two along the way. That does not mean Davidson should be in a different conference.

Telep. Tennessean.


Steve Nash on Stephen

The Desert Sun: “He had a good game (and) he’s a very exciting prospect for our league.”

Outside at Indian Wells

First start, in 37 minutes: 18 points (on 12 shots), 7 assists, 7 steals -- not bad. Watched over at Ben’s but for a good while we were flipping back and forth between TNT and the Gator game so I didn't see everything. One thought: Seemed strange, somehow, to see Stephen play with CURRY written across the top of the back of his jersey, didn’t it? Warriors. Merc. ESPN.


Wildcats in Deutschland

Brendan and Logan in Dusseldorf.

Tonight on TNT

Warriors and Suns. Outside. Stephen: “I always played in the gym. I grew up in the suburbs. We really didnt do the blacktop thing.

Sooner than you think

Ben: Not long now. Real excited for the season!

About the postcard

Rusty Simmons of the Chron.

The learning curve

Wednesday night:

It was a rigid outing for Steph Curry, who played more than 40 minutes and finished with 11 points and four assists. His shot was off (5-for-15 from the field, 1-for-5 from 3-point range) and he committed six turnovers. The Lakers roughed him up with physical defense. The help defenders were especially aggressive and physical, including Kobe Bryant.

NELSON: “He struggled. But that was good for him. Good experience.”

Friday night: 24 minutes, eight assists, no turnovers. Marcus Thompson’s blog: Stephen stuff down at the bottom. DavidsonNews.net. HoopsWorld.


Bryant, Will and Frank

From last week: At the Community School of Davidson. Photo No. 6 in Davidson News Illustrated.

The Nobel Prize for Literature

This guy says:

It’s like Stephen Curry bringing Davidson to the brink of History.

Yes. Just like that. Interesting, for sure, where it pops up, still.

More on the postcard

DavidsonNews.net: Former Davidson basketball star Stephen Curry may be at the start of a promising NBA career, but he’s not forgetting his roots. Examiner.


Stephen’s message

The text on his postcard:

To the Davidson Family,

Before I begin the next chapter in my life, I wanted to take this opportunity to personally thank all of the loyal alumni, students and fans of Davidson College who have so passionately supported me over the past three years. Davidson has been a part of making me the person who I am today and I will always remain a Wildcat at heart.

It is my hope that you will continue to support me as I begin my NBA journey. Whether in Golden State or wherever my basketball travels take me, you can be assured that I will always represent Davidson to the best of my ability. I plan on remaining an active member of the Charlotte and Davidson communities and intend on achieving my goal by earning my college degree.

My time at Davidson has left me with many lasting memories that I will cherish forever. I would also like to thank all of the coaches, teammates, professors, fans, alumni, trustees and staff who have mentored me along the way. I am proud to be a member of the Davidson family and look forward to giving back to the school and community that means so much to me. Go Wildcats!

God Bless,

Stephen Curry

Phil. 4:13

The late Tony Snow

I was just searching for something on Google and this came up instead. Snow, Class of ’77, R.I.P., after the loss to Maryland in the tourney in ’07, thinking about maybe a win in the tourney in ’08: “I sure hope it happens,” he said. “It’d make my heart glad and proud.”

Part-time starter

So says Don Nelson: “I think Im going to -- because the kid is so good -- leave that spot open, and it will be a matchup thing. We’re going to have a small backcourt anyway. We might as well start that way sometimes.” Tough one last night in Anaheim against the defending champs. Chron. Last time Stephen played in Anaheim? In The Vault at 16point8.com: “I know where it came from.”

A postcard from Stephen

Eddie over on Cats.com:

I live in Salisbury, which, like the country store in O Brother Where Art Thou?, is a geographical oddity in that it is two weeks from everywhere (in terms of mail). Because of that, the postcard I received in the mail today has probably already arrived hit most people’s mailboxes. You've probably already seen it.

It is from Steph Curry, bearing a postmark of Davidson, NC. It’s a form thing, certainly not unique to me, and I’m sure I got one for no reason other than the fact that I am an alumnus and/or season ticket holder.

It appears that Steph Curry has incurred some real expense to send a card to every alumnus, student and fan for whom he could obtain an address, and his message simply thanks the school and the card recipients for supporting him and making him who he is, and further asks them to continue to support him as he begins his NBA career.

I don’t think he needs to be concerned about whether the recipients will honor that request.


The soccer team

Not hoops -- but dang. John Burns ’92 on Facebook: “America’s most remarkable Division I athletics program strikes again.” GoDuke.

With lobsters

Via Bryant’s Twitter.

On second thought ...

Monta Ellis: “He’s better than I thought he was.” Dime. Golden State of Mind: ... a jersey that says “Curry” on the back will bring you endless joy. Bryant: “monta ellis has started sippin the kool-aid ...”


What he does

People who know Stephen as a shooter and a scorer aren’t wrong. They’re just not totally right.

Last night was only the first exhibition game, and I didn’t watch it -- Could you? Was it on? Anywhere? -- but reading some of the brief coverage, and looking at the stats, I can’t help but think that it’s the start of an introduction to a much wider audience to the fact that that’s not all he does. Because I think there’s a sense with some fans out there that at Davidson he was more than anything else a one-dimensional ball-hog beneficiary of one of the greenest green lights in the history of the sport. Nope. Sorry. Just not true.

So here we have this intriguing stat line in the first exhibition game of his first season as a pro: He shoots 2-for-10 from the floor -- something he did at times in the Vegas summer league, too, remember -- but even when he’s missing, and missing, and missing, he’s not a zero on the court. Nine assists in 24 minutes. Five steals. In an NBA game, that’s a lot of steals -- especially when you’re a rookie, and it’s your first exhibition game, and especially when you play half of the available 48 minutes.

Here’s Marcus Thompson:

Curry impressed those in the Warriors locker room with his court presence. He handled the ball comfortably, controlled the tempo, found the open man and fed the hot shooters.

Here’s Don Nelson:

“Anybody who’s going to play with Curry is going to be a beneficiary of a lot of open looks.”

And here’s Stephen:

“I work just as hard on the defensive end as I do on the offensive end,” he said. “Being in the right position is where I’m going to be the most effective. ... I’m trying to be everywhere pretty much on defense. A lock down defender? They might not call me that. But I’ll be a great help defender.”

It’s just one game. Silly to make too much of just one game. Especially an exhibition game. Obviously it’s only the very beginning. But check out the box score. See that +12 next to his name? Best on the evening. Maybe it was a fluke -- like I say, I wasn’t there, I didn’t see the game -- but I’m thinking probably not.

I would say it’s not inconceivable that Stephen, one of the great scorers ever in the college game, could make an early mark in the pro game not so much with that lovely shot of his, or his knack for finding his way to those briefest bits of space and light on a congested court and spinning or banking or adlibbing his ball up and through the hoop -- but rather his sticky hands and his active eyes, assets made valuable because of a mind that for whatever reason seems to enable him to see what’s about to happen better than most. Passing. Defense. From Stephen the shot-slinger.

We know this. Others might not. Out there in the Bay Area, though -- the watchers who aren’t just watching but are seeing? They’re about to.


Stephen’s exhibition debut

5 points, 5 steals and 9 assists in 24 minutes in a win over the Clippers. Game wrap with highlights. Marcus Thompson on Twitter at one point: Curry has six assists in 12 minutes. Monta has one in 21 minutes.

Sporting News preview mag

Michael Bradley says:

Things didn’t go exactly as planned for the Southern Conference last year, thanks to Davidson’s semifinal stumble in the conference tournament and subsequent relegation to the NIT. Instead of showcasing star Stephen Curry and perhaps benefiting from another magical NCAA run, Chattanooga went into the big-time fray as a No. 16 seed and emerged with a predictably ugly result.

Curry, the league’s top performer, has now gone to the NBA. He’s irreplaceable, but the overall quality of play should improve this year, and each division will feature exciting title chases that will make for an entertaining championship tournament, held this year in Charlotte, N.C., in an attempt to cut travel costs. That may or not be enough to capture the nation’s attention, but it will guarantee plenty of outstanding matchups.

The South Division should be exciting, since Curry’s departure renders Davidson mortal and gives hope to The Citadel, College of Charleston and Wofford.

Picked third in the South. No Wildcats on the all-conference team. Recruiting class is ranked second behind Chattanooga.

Heck of a staff

McKillop on Twitter: Great to be reunited w/ Davidson staff of 30yrs ago. Eddie Biedenbach, Rick Barnes & Jeff Bzdelik at Eddies scholarship fundraiser for UNC-A.

His new start

Stephen: Headed to Oracle for the first game ... Im ready to rock! Warriors.com. ESPN.com player page. Marcus Thompson on Twitter.

On the schedule

McKillop: “The 2009-10 schedule is aggressive and exciting for our team and for our fans because the challenges will be extraordinary. Our non-conference schedule will expose us to every region in the country against some traditionally outstanding programs, and from top to bottom, the Southern Conference could be the best it has been in many years.” DavidsonNews.net.


The village and elsewhere

So here at long last is this year’s schedule. Over at Cats.com, there was some stress waiting for it, and now there’s some more stress because it’s out. What took so long? No ACC teams? Fredonia State? I guess. But gosh. I like the two Ivies. I like the two A-10 games. I like that there’s a trip to the Northeast, a trip to the Midwest, a trip to the Pacific Northwest. And a schedule’s just a schedule. It’s an itinerary. A blank canvas is all it is.

‘My confidence comes from back at Davidson’

McKillop’s seven keys

On the blog of the LSU women’s coach. (Note to the coach: Davidson College.)

Columbus, Ohio

Bruce Jenkins on No. 30

In the Chron: It says here that Curry will be a stellar NBA player for years, and that he and Ellis might be more compatible than conventional wisdom suggests.

From Claire’s memoir seminar

Mary Karr in her introduction to the 10-year anniversary edition of The Liars’ Club:

Its publication constructed for me ... what I’d hankered so desperately for as a dreamy kid comforted only by reading: that mythic village of like-minded souls who bloom together by sharing old tales -- the kind that fire you up and set you loose, the true kind. So come on in.