Our Future

So I’m going through the college’s new strategic plan, approved the other day by the trustees, and I’m underlining things here, underlining things there, and then, near the bottom of the 16th of 18 pages ... this:

In order to broaden the curricular offerings required by a liberal arts education in the world of today and tomorrow; to provide for more interdisciplinary work; to enhance resources for teaching and learning; to ensure that classes have a sufficient number of students for interaction and discussion; and to help support the college’s objective of enrolling a more diverse student body including international students, Davidson will need to hire additional faculty and staff and slightly increase the student population. With these changes, the college intends to maintain a student-faculty ratio of 10:1 and its status as a residential institution with an on-campus student population of at least 93 percent.

In consideration of the above objectives, Davidson will incrementally increase the total enrollment of students pursuing a Davidson degree by 150 students, from the current number of approximately 1,850 to an eventual maximum of 2,000.

That feels like a pretty big deal, no?


Showtime said...

kruse you're right, that's a huge deal. i sat on the planning commitees for regional change and facilities, and it's pretty much all we talked about, in terms of how it would impact us if we grew by almost 10%.

Splinter Faction said...

Somebody want to tell me how adding 150 students makes it so much easier to do that long list of things?