Droney in the papers in Pittsburgh


Tom Droney doesn’t believe he’s the next Stephen Curry. But what Davidson College did for Curry’s basketball career intrigues Droney.

That’s one of the reasons Droney made a verbal commitment to Davidson yesterday. Droney is a 6-foot-6, 197-pound guard at Sewickley Academy and the Post-Gazette Player of the Year.

Curry was a first-round NBA draft pick last month. Another former Davidson guard, Jason Richards, was on the Miami Heat roster last season until a knee injury ended his season.

“I can see the path Steph Curry took and I can see what coach [Bob] McKillop did with him and Jason Richards,” Droney said. “I’m not going to say I’m going in the NBA draft, but maybe I could have a somewhat similar college career. That definitely is an intriguing aspect about Davidson.”

In the Tribune-Review: “I like scoring, but I love getting guys their open shots and getting the assists.”

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