On DeCourcy picking Davidson

It was pointed out over at Cats.com that the Sporting News preview mag has Davidson playing in the 2010 NCAA tournament even thought it also has Davidson finishing third in the South Division of the Southern Conference.

The league run-down was written by freelancer Michael Bradley. The tourney projections came from SN senior writer Mike DeCourcy. Mike, I know, is an admirer of Davidson basketball and more specifically of Bob McKillop.

Here’s some of what he told me almost a year and a half ago, on April 30, 2008, when we talked for the book -- and maybe a part of an explanation for his pick:

“I see a commitment to system. I see a belief in what they do. I see that even when they’re out-manned.”

“A lot of guys get to that level by selling themselves as coaches and selling the program. But there are very few coaches out there who teach the game as well as Bob.”

“His guys know how to play the game. And they get better.”

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