Placid preseason? Nope

Shaun Powell on NBA.com:

Stephen Curry is getting a point-blank education in October, and it’s just getting started. The Warriors have the potential to be entertaining both on the court and on the bench. Jackson, for example, might be a season-long migraine, given his moods and trade demands. Teams are offering only a stale bag of popcorn and a flat soda for him, meaning if Jackson refuses to shut up, the low-ball offers will keep coming and he’ll keep sticking around. If that’s the case, then the Warriors can only hope Jackson doesn’t destroy the locker room along with his trade value.

Dell: “We talked about that. There’s going to be situations and circumstances. He just has to be accountable for his own actions, not anyone else’s. That stuff going on with other players is not a concern. That’s between them and the organization. He’s not going to get caught up in that or anything else.”

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