We’ve seen this before

Tripp took this picture. Ann Arbor. First weekend of Stephen’s college career. Everyone who cares to know probably knows something about the circumstances: 13 turnovers against Eastern Michigan one night, 32 points against Michigan the next. Who knows what exactly McKillop is saying to his freshman shooting guard here but Tripp and Bro like to think it went something like this:

“Keep shooting.”

Thus beginneth and whatnot.

Anyway, right now is the first time I’ve opened my laptop since flying from Tampa to Denver Friday night, but I’ve been half-following the action in Vegas on the BlackBerry via Google Alerts and the occasional e-mail and text. I scanned the stats and the coverage off his first game with the Warriors and thought to myself: Interesting, but his second game will be more telling, because if I know Stephen ...

Here: 29 points, 27 after halftime, and quotes like this: “But he never dropped his head ...”

It’s hard not to think about Gonzaga, Georgetown, West Virginia, etc., etc., etc.

Claire sent an e-mail last night with a link, and also some words from the past, spoken on CBS on March 23, 2008:

“He’s not gonna stop shooting, I can assure you that, Jim.”

“Yeah, it doesn’t look like, he’s not hangin’ his head … Shots definitely not anywhere close to droppin’ like they were on Friday -- but he can still light it up with half the half to go…”

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