‘Moving me where I am supposed to go’


This team -- not one person, not two people, this TEAM -- and this coach -- and the community they bring together have changed my life dramatically over the past 3 years, in ways I can tangibly see and feel and understand and rejoice in every.single.day. They have given me moments of joy, yes, deep moments of full throttle roaring gut busting pride pounding euphoria that I would love to relive againandagainandagain, but -- more than that, because of those -- they've given me a life within that chapter and into the next, inside the arena and out. They've pushed people into my path that I wouldn't have found otherwise, they've given me friends and mentors and family. Relationships that first bonded with a basket or bloomed with jokes watching warmups or strengthened with screaming stuck in one moment unable to move collective courage inhale exhale inhale exhale. Relationships first written with words suddenly pulled into reality, hereweare, sitting and steeping in stories, creating our own as the hours pass, lazy, wonderful, laughterful.

All of this.

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