Three things

1. People were surprised when he did what he did as a freshman. People were surprised when he did what he did as a sophomore. People were surprised when he did what he did as a junior.

When will people stop being surprised?

2. Here’s what I wrote the week after he decided to leave school and go pro:

Stephen made the logical decision. He made the prudent decision. He made a serious decision, and he made it in a serious way.

Some people were bothered by it. Some people thought it was the wrong decision.

Does anybody still think that?

He made the smart decision.

Over these last couple months, though, at the combine in Chicago, then in his workouts in Charlotte, New York, Washington and Sacramento, the better he played, the smarter that decision became.

3. I think part of why I’m so looking forward to tonight is that it’s not at all an end to Stephen Curry’s Davidson story. It’s like everything else: a continuation.

The way I see Davidson College’s ongoing basketball narrative, it starts at Exit 30, always has, always will, at Belk, at the Brick House, on DavidsonCats.com, but then it radiates out from there, to the alums playing in Belgium or Germany or France, to the folks watching games on the video feed on laptop screens in Boston or San Francisco or Corpus Christi, to that red-lettered string of engaged, interested observers on the top of the message board.

Next year, there presumably will be a night or two or three when there’s a game at Belk, and Matt’s got a game up in Elon, and Stephen’s got a game in Chicago or Miami or Minneapolis, and any number of the fistfuls of the program’s pros are playing games overseas.

And there will be a group of people, maybe relatively small but certainly with purpose, who will care about all of those things.

It speaks, I think, to what’s been built over the last 20 years.

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