Four thoughts from last night

1. I had never before watched a regular-season West Coast NBA game into the a.m. hours on Channelsurfing.net.

2. It had been a while since I had watched an NBA game at all, actually, not on press row, not in a seat in the stands, at least not from start to finish, and so this was a reminder: That league is a league of shot makers and freaks. Extraordinarily tall, strong, fast, skilled, often all of those traits put together in one body -- anatomical anomalies, every one of those guys.

3. Stephen looked comfortable, more comfortable as the game went on, so comfortable, really, that I found myself thinking: It’s practically incomprehensible to consider him in a Davidson uniform this year. He loves Davidson, and Davidson loves him -- for basketball purposes, though, he’s very much where he belongs. There was one pass he threw, in the third quarter, maybe the fourth, where he was leading the break and he hit a big guy running down the center of the court, a two-handed rope of a look that didn’t hit the floor and just seemed to stick to the guy’s hands. There are very few people on the planet who (1) could see that and (2) could then turn that vision into an easy dunk for somebody else. He’s a freak.

4. I sat watching in my place in downtown St. Pete but I was not alone. My phone was buzzing with texts and the Davidson parts of my feeds on Twitter and Facebook were clear. One text from Bro Krift in Texas: “I can’t believe I’m watching the Warriors pregame show ...” I thought: I can. Eileen Keeley on Facebook: “We are united watching Stephen Curry ...” That was a shared experience last night.

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