‘I liked it better ...’

seacatfan on the Gonzaga board after last night’s loss to Portland State: I think Gonzaga has been so desperate to shed the mid major label they’ve forgotten who they are. The announcers tonight mentioned this could be the best Zags team ever. They have 3 losses already. How can you even think they’re the best? For my money I’ll take the Elite 8 team any time. They didn’t have the most talent, but they came to play, they didn’t get outworked or outhustled. It’s really bugged me in recent years when other teams have flipped the script and become what GU used to be. Tournament losses to Nevada and Davidson. Regular season loss to Butler. I’m sure there are more. Tonight of course. One team comes in with a big rep and a supposed advantage as the favored team. The other team comes in hungry and plays hard w/ enthusiasm, hustle, energy and pulls off the upset. It used to be the Zags beating the big guy, now the Zags are the big guy getting beat by someone else. The program is drifting towards being prima donnas who play as if they can just show up and win. That is not the attitude that made Gonzaga great. They have become victims of their own success.

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