Cover boy

Stephen is on the front of this month’s Basketball Times. The long story inside, the latest addition to StephLit, is by John Akers, the editor of the venerable monthly magazine for hoop heads.

From the text:

On his own team, Curry’s new fame is a source of amusement. Teammate Steve Rossiter recently noticed a crowd at a spot on campus where it wouldn’t normally congregate and found Curry there, signing napkins for a group of prospective students. Rossiter alerted security to the potential fire hazard.

And Curry remains the Wildcat who can barely dunk or beat his old man in H-O-R-S-E.

The son has never beaten the father on their driveway. There, Steph said, Dell Curry can step out of his car after a long drive, after months without playing, and still shoot as if he was participating in the NBA’s 3-point contest. But on the Davidson court last spring, in front of coaches and teammates, Steph Curry finally got the better of Dell Curry.

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