Answering the question

Says the All-American Hoops Blog on the book: “Stephen Curry isn’t on the cover. Why? No one knows.”

I know why.

Because Jason took the shot.

Because Stephen trusted him to do that.

Because it’s about the pursuit and not the result.

Because it’s about the journey and not the destination.

Because William wrote what he wrote.

Because Davidson basketball under Bob McKillop has always been about the chase of the chance and there it was.

Because that moment -- watched by so many -- was created by so many people for so many years doing so many things watched by so few.

Because in my reporting for the book Eileen Keeley told me this: “Wait. Stop. Focus on the moment.”

And because Reed Jackson told me this: “I felt like it wasn’t about wins and losses anymore. The fact that the moment existed made it worth experiencing.”

And because Stephen Cefalu told me this: “Something I want to do better in life is live out those moments. Embrace them fully. … Live life. Life should be amount those moments, and they’re so quick.”

And because Greg Dunn told me this: “I cared about this, deeply, but … it was an oddly calm experience. I’m usually an anxious sports watcher. I get up and pace. I drink my beer too fast. But there was a euphoria about being there.”

And because Beaux Jones told me this: “That feeling exists.

“It was possible.

“It was real.

“That moment happened.”

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