The Queen City Sports Blog: If you had Stephen Curry, would you not use him as much as possible until someone found a way to slow to him down? I have heard increasing criticism the last few weeks about the number of shots Curry takes and how Davidson is a one man team (to the likes of “no wonder he scores so much a game; it only takes him 40 shots a game to do it too”). Well, the strategy of taking the bulk of your team’s shots and even hitting less than 50% of them worked pretty well for Michael Jordan throughout his career. If I had arguably the best player in college basketball on my team, I would try to get the ball into his hands as much as humanly possible and make the other team stop him. Now that Purdue was the first team in two years to figure out how to slow Curry down (no, I don’t count the Loyola episode as being a real game), McKillop will have to devise a way to create more balance on offense. Until the Purdue game, however, there wasn’t anything wrong with his strategy.

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