Have just a little time here in the union at Davidson before heading back to Florida after a week-plus of the Wildcats and the book and New York and friendship and fellowship and Blue Moon at the Brickhouse.

Some quick thoughts on last night:

*** Something I’ve heard enough to be a pattern: “Stephen had an off night, and he still had … ”

I heard it after the Oklahoma game in which he had 44 points. Could’ve been 60, I heard people say. Shoot, I heard MYSELF say that.

I heard it after State. Also 44 points.

I heard it at Madison Square Garden, where, granted, he wasn’t his sharp self for most of the game but still managed by the end to be THE SHOW in MIDTOWN MANHATTAN.

And I heard it last night.

The kid had 41 points in 36 minutes. He made half of the shots he attempted from the floor. He made five of the 11 threes he shot. He missed four free throws, yes, which is uncharacteristic, almost shocking, but he also made 14 of them. He had six assists and four rebounds and a steal.

I’m not sure what people are wanting from No. 30, or expecting, and I know his shots look so pretty, whether they’re misses or makes, but …

*** Nobody else in the Southern Conference has a Stephen Curry. Games like last night make me think the same might be able to be said about Will Archambault.

*** Andrew: 14 rebounds at half, 18 in all, nine offensive, 38 minutes -- what he is going to be on many, many nights in league play the rest of the way.

*** Chattanooga is good. Players. Athletes. Size. Depth. Shot-makers. Last night could’ve been a preview of a certain Monday night in March in Chattanooga. Wouldn’t surprise me one iota.

*** John Shulman after 41 from Stephen: “I thought we did a pretty good job on him.”

*** My favorite moment from the game:

Chattanooga guy had the ball, was sort of trapped near the sideline, looked like smack between Brendan McKillop on the court facing the bench and Bob McKillop in front of the bench facing the court.

Bob McKillop was standing still, and had his arms crossed, and stayed that way, practically calm-looking, even though he was -- what? -- two, three feet from this play, with Brendan McKillop tense and ready and in defensive position.

Father to son:

“Right here, Brendan!

“Right here!”

*** My favorite moment from the postgame press conference:

Somebody asked Stephen about that drive late in the game down the left side of the lane and the maybe-I-should-dunk-but-no wildly missed layup.

“I’ve done that two games in a row,” he said. He looked embarrassed.

“Gotta work on that,” he said.

Will was sitting next to him. Under the table he used his right knee to nudge Stephen’s left thigh. Sly smile on his face.

“I’ll give you some pointers,” he said.

“Thank you,” Stephen told Will.

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