Tampa watch tonight over at Ben’s place. So Stephen gets some superstar calls. I’m okay with that. That’s 2-0 against probably the two best other teams in the league. Hey. Know what I love? Those stretches, like late in the first half, for instance, or parts of the second half, where there’s movement and involvement and it looks like Davidson basketball, and where Stephen moves that certain way of his that we’ve all gotten used to, and everything seems so greased and fun and free. Stephen: 29, 9, 7 and 3, which will work, I suppose. Will’s threes: Don’t they just look so much better when they go in? Liking his vibe these days. His body language. Steve stayed on the floor tonight. Max stayed on the floor tonight. Bro, on the phone from Pittsburgh after the game, pointed out that the line in Vegas was 4.5, which no doubt mattered to the folks who are thinking about that stuff when Stephen missed that last free throw. Speaking of which: Stephen’s free throws? Anyway. Road win, league win, after Christmas break, against a good team that was all keyed up in a fancy new arena and whatnot. Oh, 11 straight against Charleston, 18 straight in Charleston, 38 straight in the Southern Conference. And some perspective here from the wise Eddie: 34-3 in 2008. Happy New Year.

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