One-man team?

The Duke Basketball Report on LeBron’s take on Stephen and Davidson:

Yes, Davidson is not “the best.” But they didn’t get good just when Stephen Curry showed up, and they’re not going to disappear when he leaves, either. We’ve been big fans for a while now, and the reason they are good, and the reason why they were perceptive enough to go after Curry when some others didn’t, is simple: Bob McKillop is an unbelievable coach.

We noticed it not long after he arrived and Davidson went from being a joke to a team that would hang around. Instead of losing by 30, the games were maybe 10 points. After last year’s game, when Duke barely won, Davidson wasn’t a secret anymore, but really, it was nothing new. They’d given lots of teams fits -- UNC, Kansas, UCLA, Stanford.

Curry is a freak, and they’ll miss him, but the program is really well constructed and should continue to succeed after he leaves. It’s not a one-man deal. Or if it is, rather, the man is McKillop.

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