Thank you

Jim Utter in the Observer’s year in review: One of the most impressive performances by Davidson basketball star Stephen Curry came in a game in which he didn’t score a single point.

Loyola (Md.) coach Jimmy Patsos elected to put two men on Curry during all 40 minutes of the Greyhounds' game with the Wildcats on Nov. 25, even when Curry wasn't looking to shoot or pass.

It didn’t take long for Curry to realize what was going on and he did exactly what Patsos wanted -- he didn’t look to shoot or pass. Instead, during Davidson's offensive possessions, Curry wandered over to a corner dragging his two defenders with him while his teammates basically played a game of 4-on-3.

The result was predictable: Davidson earned a lopsided 78-48 victory. Despite the 30-point loss, Patsos appeared to take satisfaction in shutting down Curry, which irked Davidson coach Bob McKillop.

It was another chapter in an already storied basketball career for Curry and a valuable learning experience for himself and his team.

“I meant to say after that game that I wanted to send a ‘thank you’ note to their coach,” McKillop said. “I think what came out of that game was Steph became a better player and we became a better team.”

Not quite the outcome Patsos had in mind.

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