The day after

Things I thought watching from my spot on the baseline at Conseco: Brendan is getting better. I’m comfortable with the ball in Max’s hands too. Frank is going to be excellent. Will looked good. Stephen looked beat. Wasn’t the first time. Steve’s got to stay on the floor. Bryant’s defense? Three-point defense? The first time Stephen didn’t live up to or exceed expectations with so many watching: a moment that was inevitable. And important. It’ll tamp down some of the hyperbole. Not all bad. Seasons are seasons for reasons: up and down, peaks and dips, problems to solve. December is early. Merry Christmas.


beralston said...

I completely agree with all points. I'm not as sure about Brendan running the point until he has a little more experience. I'm also confused at the absence of Aaron Bond.

I agree that there are bumps in the road and this isn't a reason to panic. Last year we lost to Western Michigan at the beginning of the season, and improved from there. There's no reason the team can't use this as a jumping off point for greater things to come

Claire Asbury said...

aymen, Michael Kruse, aymen!