Thoughts from Davidson

*** Felt like the college acknowledged Stephen’s 2,000th point after the game but it was quick and there was no fuss.

Very Davidson.

And no mention of McKillop’s 35oth career win.

*** Will’s threes, when they go in, which they’re doing a lot of late, look like laser beams, don’t they?

*** Davidson shot 52 percent from three against a team that was holding its opponents to 32 percent from three.

*** Samford made seven baskets in the first half. ONE of them was a two-pointer.

*** Is it just me or is Ben Allison looking taller and taller?

*** My favorite factoid from Marc Gignac’s game notes?

The last time a Davidson player played 40 minutes in a game: Stephen, Dec. 9, 2008, against West Virginia.

The last time FIVE Davidson players played 40 minutes in the same game: Marvin Lively, Rod Owens, Pat Hickert, Ernie Reigel, John Gerdy, Feb. 16, 1977, against Wake Forest.

*** Davidson: where scouts from the T’wolves and the Thunder share space on press row with The Presbyterian Outlook.

*** Sold some books at the bar. Which was nice.

*** Jody Seymour this morning at DUMC: “An epiphany happens when you need it, or when you’re paying attention, or both.”

*** 585 miles up, 585 miles back.

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Claire Asbury said...

I am so looking forward to hearing a Jody Seymour sermon next week for the first time in awhile.