An NBA point?

Sean Deveney:

Yes, he does have a chance. He has shown he does have some point-guard skills, he is a very willing worker and we all know he is a leader who can shoot like crazy. So, he has a chance, and given the fact that the skills he does have are obvious and impressive, he is worth a lottery pick.

But if the question is, do I think he will be a great point guard … I am not so sure about that. Great point guards have a certain natural ballhandling ability and court vision, and though it can take time to develop both of those on an NBA level, you can usually see signs of it when the guy is in college. I don’t really see Curry as someone with great court vision. I think he is a capable ballhander -- he can get the ball up the floor and start the offense -- but no one is going to confuse him with Jason Kidd.

Having said that, Curry is an NBA player, and he’ll have a good career, even if it is as a guy you bring off the bench in a combo guard role -- think Jason Terry. He can play the point in a pinch, he can stretch defenses with his shooting and he has a good basketball IQ.

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