Tomorrow in Statesboro

After last year’s game at Georgia Southern (via The Vault at 16point8.com): I’m not totally certain, but no way anybody else has done this, ever, in the history of Division I college basketball, right? A 20-GAME league schedule is practically unheard of. To WIN all of those games?

The temptation is to call it absurd. But I won’t. I’ll just call it what it is.


Really it is.

It’s just an incredibly fine thing.

To have 10 other teams in your conference, and to beat every one of them TWICE, your gym, their gym, on nights, off nights, good refs, bad refs, and to finish it off by beating a 20-win team, at its place, on its senior night, and to BEAT THEM DOWN?

“I told them in the locker room,” Coach McKillop said after the game here. “In 35 years of coaching I have never been a part of such an accomplishment.”

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