Missed the first five or so minutes -- matricide trial this week -- but it was like 14-2 when I flipped on Teamline. Gracious. What is there to say? That’s what happens when arguably one of the best teams in the history of the modern Southern Conference plays arguably one of the worst. 30 with a cake-easy 30? Up by 40 on a dunk by Frank? The other team scoring four points in the first -- WHAT? -- 17 minutes of the second half? I had a feeling McKillop might go in there at halftime and say something like: Here’s how we get better tonight. We don’t let ‘em score this half. So: scores of 60-32, 70-33, 83-34. McKillop to Kilgo: “That second-half defense was as good as we’ve ever had.” Charlotte. Greenville. AP. DavidsonNews.net. Lauren.

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