Worth thinking about

Stewart Mandel on Tim Tebow:

One of the more bothersome trends I’ve noticed among college fans in recent years is the inevitable backlash occurring toward pretty much any great team or player as soon as people feel said team/player receives too much “hype.” Rather than celebrate a player’s greatness, we feel the need to tear him down.

Why do we do this?

I understand in today’s age of media overkill, the most popular players get an extraordinary amount of coverage, and I understand we media types tend to throw hyperbole around too generously. But to anyone who’s tired of reading or hearing about Tebow’s on- and off-field greatness, I ask you: Who/what would you rather hear about instead? The prima donnas who view college as an unavoidable stopover on the way to the NFL? The guys who know they’re so good that they only play hard when they feel like it? The guys who don’t go to class, run afoul of the law and are genuinely jerks?

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