Bill Jarman

The Class of ’63 basketball alum was just inducted into the college’s sports hall of fame at halftime.

I met with Jarman in late November 1998 at a steakhouse in Gastonia to talk for the old book.

Some quick bits from my notes:

“The varsity was a joke in 1959. They had a 6-2 center who could only shoot 50 percent unguarded in layup lines. Dr. Scott liked him because he could jump. He was a kangaroo but he couldn’t dribble and he couldn’t shoot. But he was a super-nice guy.”

Lefty didn’t take to losing. That was unacceptable.”

“Lefty used to play players 1-on-1. He’d call fouls if he was in danger of losing.”

“While I was playing for him I was sure he hated me. After I graduated, though, he’s been one of the nicest people in the world to me.”

“Sometimes Lefty was dumb like a fox.”

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