Left west central Florida. Drove. Saw on I-95 in South Georgia a silver Infiniti with Florida plates and inside was a man and a son and they were wearing matching red WITNESS caps and the boy had on a 30 jersey. Saw Hanner sell out and stay silent. Saw all those folks cram in there to see Stephen and instead just sit there and have to watch a team that doesn’t lose in its league. Saw Davidson in the first half miss 22 shots and six free throws and two-thirds of its threes. Saw Stephen miss eight threes. Saw Davidson still have 51 points at half. Saw Davidson get 52 rebounds. Saw Will Archambault. Saw Dan Nelms. Saw Davidson play defense. Saw Georgia Southern go long stretches, chunks of minutes, here, there, everywhere, and not have even a remotely, reasonably decent look. Saw Bryant make shots he can make. Saw Andrew go for 16 and 15. Saw people leaving with NINE minutes to go. Saw Will Reigel and A.J. Atkinson get into the game. Saw Lee Sargent. Saw Doodle Wally. Saw Bob McKellar. Signed his book. Sat with Meg Clark. Drove. Drove more. Got back.

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