Some 3-pointer

The third sentence of the first AP story out of Chattanooga last night read like so:

Curry hit a 3-pointer as time expired to give the Wildcats a 41-28 halftime lead.



Suppose that’s true.

Then the video of said 3-pointer showed up today, oh, here, here, here and here. And here. Also here. Probably plenty of other places, too, but these’ll do for now.

I could be wrong, but seems to me the shot’s path to everywhere-ness started with local TV news in Chattanooga, then went to DavidsonCats.com, then to personal blogs, then to wider-audience blogs and YouTube ... and then to the Charlotte Observer’s charlotte.com and SportsCenter and ESPN.com.

I feel like all this says something important about media here in the early 21st century.

But give me till the weekend to mull that over.


WB said...

I posted that video on youtube last night, and it's already got over 18,000 views......in less than 24 hours. Unreal.

Mac Donaldson said...

The CO is busy cleaning an ostrich egg omelet off their face. The "Shot" was not Steph's best play last night. I might have been the no-look assist to Allison for the slam or the 1 on 2 fast break. He split defenders for a reverse layup. "Young Fella!!"

Unknown said...
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