On Stephen

Fran Fraschilla last summer when we talked for the book: “He’s one of the two or three or four most skilled players in college basketball. People missed. His skill level is off the charts.

“And he has the mental makeup to take and make big shots. That’s an underrated art, a rare combination, that incredible skill level and great mental makeup. Genes or environment? Nature or nurture? He grew up in locker rooms and at practices and shootarounds. You have to watch someone a lot to see that.”

Fran Fraschilla yesterday on ESPN.com: “I was at the Oklahoma game, along with 20 or more NBA scouts, and I think he could have scored 60 points if his jumper was on. If it’s needed, I think he can get 50 points in a game this season. ...

“Maybe it’s his slight frame, his baby face or the fact that he’s a small guy in a big man’s game, but there is something about Curry’s basketball brilliance that resonates with college basketball fans.”

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