Bilas on Stephen

The Duke grad last summer when we talked for the book:

“He’s a fearless shooter with a quick release. He moves without the ball and understands how to create space. He changes speeds. He keeps the defender off balance.”

“He takes and makes shots that defenders just don’t see.”

“Eric Gordon, O.J. Mayo, they’re bigger, and they’re better athletically, but they don’t move like Stephen. He’s one of the smartest players I can remember. Not just in college. Period.”

“You can safely say that Stephen Curry is an artist in offensive play. His game is poetic.”

“Obviously, he’s been well taught, but other kids are taught the same shit. Stephen’s head is Einstein-quality from a basketball standpoint. He has a beautiful mind for the game. You can’t teach that stuff. It’s innate. It’s inexplicable. Obviously, he has great genetics, great coaching, the basketball background, all that stuff -- but still. How do you explain it? How do you explain how Sandy Koufax threw a baseball?”

“There are hundreds of sons of NBA players. None of them move the way he does.”

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