May 8, 2008

Jim Murphy in his office: “I watched 60,000 people cheer for Davidson. I can still see it. I can still feel it. I can still hear it.”

Stacey Schmeidel in the union: “I was here. The shot missed and the whole building was just quiet There was an awareness of the quiet. Then everybody started clapping.”

Bill Giduz at Summitt: “It was organic. Like we were one beast.”

Steve Hawkins on the phone: “How did we beat them? Easy. Curry fouled out in 26 minutes.”

Ward Gibson on the phone: “The 16.8 felt like 0.8.”

Martin McCann in his office: “I got a text from Matt. It said: ‘We need 4 for LeBron. Let’s talk.’”

Phil Martelli on the phone: “If you’re a middle team in the ACC, you’re not going to play Davidson. That’s a 50-50 game. You could lose that game. But your fans don’t know that. Or don’t want to believe that.”

Chip Clark in Cornelius: “I thought about what Jason told his mother at the senior night festivities: ‘Mom, don’t cry, it’s not that big a deal.’ I thought about that right then.”

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