And also this

Carolyn Meier:

“I was at the Brickhouse. Hope Childress, from the alumni office, was sitting next to me. It was as close to being at the game without being at the game. The commentators were super-loud. You heard the sounds of the court. You felt like you were there. It just surrounded you. I was drinking Brickhouse Amber. The timeout was called. People got quiet. They were talking to each other about what strategy it ought to be. I kept thinking they gotta go three. They were looking so tired. You gotta go out gunning, put it on the line, no shame in that. It was like being in an auto accident, like it was fast and slow at the same time. Suddenly there it was, the one shot, that was all. First there was a gasp. No! Then there was just silence. Just dropped to nothing. Complete silence. And Hope burst into tears. She put her head on the bar and Hope just sobbed.”

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