May 14, 2008

Jeff Jackson on the phone: “They recognize who is supposed to take the shot, and when, probably better than any team in the country.”

Dave Telep on the phone from Wake Forest: “I remember vividly the first time I ever saw him. Bojangles at Charlotte Latin. His sophomore year. He was falling out of his jersey.”

Kevin Cary at the Brickhouse: “You knew when the Georgetown game was over. My cell phone was going crazy. My sister in Ohio called me. That was the crossover moment.”

John Kuykendall at the union: “I think he sees in people here some points of contact. I’m a Presbyterian preacher and an academic, and he’s an Irish Catholic and a coach, and we connect.”

Steven Suflas on Detroit: “The greatest weekend that ever sucked.”

Adam Stockstill in Huntersville: “After the Georgetown game, I walked up there, to the atrium of the RBC Center -- absolute hysteria. Everyone was losing their minds. It was an absolute shit show. Late 20s, early 20s, old people -- dude, it was a mosh pit. People were picking each other up, putting people on their shoulders, it just kept going on and on and on. It was like: I don’t want to leave.”

Mike Reed on the phone from Georgia: “I was just as nervous as a cat. I was sitting on the couch, sitting on the edge, with my wife next to me, and I was holding her hand, like we used to do when my son had a big putt.”

Bobby Cremins on the phone from Charleston: “This kid came in, and everything changed.”

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