May 7, 2008

Meg Kimmel at Summitt: “It’s the hard stuff at the beginning. When you get to the top, the air is thinner. Up above the clouds, you have a shot.”

David Matheny at the Brickhouse: “Georgetown? They’re huge. But you don’t have to beat them four out of five. You only have to beat them the one time. Please, I said. Let it be Sunday.”

Stan Brown on the phone: “I think people who aren’t into Xs and Os, they could still sense: They’re doing something, and it’s not an accident. It’s not luck.”

Fran Fraschilla on the phone: “I would call it an elegant toughness.”

Matt Garfield in Charlotte: “Everything happened fast. The timeout went fast. Everything happened fast. Then all of a sudden the ending was there. If the season was a movie, the ending was just there, bam. There was no time. One second we’ve got a shot for the Final Four. The next second we’ve got a 10-hour drive home from Detroit.”

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