May 27, 2008

Alex Deegan on the phone from Washington: “You don’t have to say 20 miles north of Charlotte anymore.”

David Fleming at Summit: “Davidson was the torchbearer for the myth of the student-athlete.”

Tom Ross
in his office: “The Final Four? It would have meant some more. But I’m not sure how much more.”

Steve Shurina on the phone from Florida: “Right after the Georgetown win, I went into my office, and I called his cell phone. And I broke down as I started leaving a message. All those years, all those emotions -- I didn’t go to school there, I haven’t coached there in 10 years almost, and I could not leave a message.”

Bratton Holmes on the phone from Durham: “No more Dickinson-Denison-Davidson confusion.”

Winnie Corrigan on the phone from Davidson: “Nothing that was accomplished was an accident or a fluke. That’s what was so powerful to me. It was 19 years of precision and discipline, and convincing a bunch of boys to buy into something larger than themselves.”

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