May 6, 2008

Reed Jackson in Cornelius: “The last 10 minutes of the Georgetown game, far and away, it was the most extraordinary thing I’ve ever seen in sports. You could watch sports for your whole life and never be that close to something that extraordinary. With like four or five minutes to go, I said to my son, 'Jordan, watch this, because I’m 46, and you might never see something like this again.’”

Tim Cowie in Davidson: “I remember seeing Thomas shading into the low post out of the corner of my eye. I didn’t know how far Jason was out till I saw it on TV. I thought it was a good look. He took the shot, and I took the camera away from my eye when the ball was in the air, to watch.”

Jay Wade in Davidson: “When the shot missed? I was okay. We were in a position to win. That’s as much as you can ask for. But I was worn out, and I was tired -- and I was in Detroit.”

Duggar Baucom on the phone: “Those KU post players looked different against North Carolina and Memphis. Flesh to flesh. No kid in Bob’s program is ever going to be afraid of flesh to flesh contact. Or they won’t be there.”

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