Just some quick thoughts on tonight

Oof. Listened to this one down here in St. Pete. Tough to tell with no video feed so what do I know?

But ...

1. Defense creates offense. At least it does when a team has the personnel to do that. And Davidson has been that kind of team and was very much that kind of team over the last few years. That was because of the will of the sytem, but it also was because of Max, and Stephen, and Andrew. They’re gone now. Those extra possessions add up.

2. Will started strong. Bryant finished strong. It’s harder without Stephen and all the attention he drew. But everybody knew that coming in.

3. Honest assessment from McKillop on the radio after the game: “We cannot have any missing links. That’s got to be the standing motto for our team. No missing links.”

4. That’s two games of data. Tomorrow there’s a third. It’s Nov. 19.

5. We don’t have to fix it. We just have to watch.


Splinter Faction said...

I'm not sure what #5 means, but I think I like it.

Mike McCabe said...

We don't have to fix it, or we don't get to fix it???

Blast it!

MichaelKruse said...

Blast what?

Mike McCabe said...

Blast my desire to fix it.