Thoughts from Charleston

1. That these guys made quite competitive three games that couldve been so lopsided says something good about them. That the early holes were so deep says something maybe not so good.

2. Many of the biggest shots in Davidsons second half came from JP and Jake.

3. Radio man Ken Hall said after the game that wed seen 59-57 before. Then he opened up his copy of the book standing in the hall down a bit from the Davidson locker room and reminded me of a part on page 47:

In Detroit a reporter had asked McKillop about his teams 4-6 start.

“We did not surrender,” McKillop said.

“Our world today is full of surrender. People surrender morals, principles, beliefs, dreams, at the first sign of a challenge, at the first sign of failure.

“We did not surrender,” he said again.

4. Tripp made the good point watching the game Sunday that for the last seven years Davidson basketball has had a clear No. 1 scorer. There were the three years of Stephen but also before that the four years of Brendan Winters. Best not to forget Brendan Winters.

5. The first option on that last play? JP.

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