Room to operate

Stephen: “Those guys need the ball a lot to be efficient offensively. It was a tough line to walk. But its a beneficial thing for me to put up shots and keep attacking, and Ive got to be willing to do that.” Tuesday night at Dallas.


waitress said...

From the comments at the end of the article:

"The mouthpiece by itself...OK...I can live with it. I've survived gawdy wristbands and headbands...and too-baggy trunks...but, Curry's mouthpiece is the biggest mouthpiece in the history of organized athletics. It looks like a spare tire hanging out of his mouth. Soon...that mouthpiece will be the rage among kids of all ages who want to look like Curry..." :)

ClaireAsbury said...

Will never forget when it slid across the court and he put it right back in. I think there was an audible noise from the crowd.