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It means we are there in good numbers the evening before Thanksgiving to share time together. Even if the team is 0-4 and the opponent is some group of vertically-challenged D3 players that weve never heard of. We are there because the team does better with us and we do better when we're with the team.


Amen, and amen.


That post already got a couple of amens, but I say amen again. The race is not always to the swift, and Im quite willing to see what happens in March.

You ride the ride.

Pretty simple.


In 2008, Davidson went into January with a non-conference record of 2-6, with the only wins over Emory and NC Central. For those whose memories do not extend back beyond LaSalles scoring deluge, 2008 was not a sub-optimal season. (If only this board had the ability to archive posts made in the two weeks between the NC State loss and the GaSo game that season. I can paraphrase, but I cant quote.)

Does this mean everything is going to be great and youll be ordering replays of NCAA tournament games from CBS in a few months? No. It means we dont know. We never know. But a statistically significant percentage of the time, Davidson makes strides before January 1, and a statistically significant percentage of the time, the improvement isnt perceptible until conference wins start piling up.

Your media guides are arriving now, and they follow the wonderful recent trend of including the dates for each game from 1949-1950 forward. Look at the ones since Davidson rejoined the Southern Conference under McKillop and see if you can discern a pattern.


In that 2007-08 season ... yall do remember that we had zero non-conference wins away from Belk in November, December, and January right? In fact, we wouldnt have had any at all the whole season had the scheduling gods not thrown us some patsies (Winthrop, Gonzaga, Georgetown, Wisconsin). Hard to believe, but it took until February 22 to get a non-conference win away from Belk.

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