The Davidson treatment?

Jameson Fleming:

Despite the not-so-great profile, most pundits argued Stephen Curry should go dancing no matter what if Davidson were to lose in its conference tournament. The argument never came to fruition as the Wildcats didn’t lose in their tournament.

Fast-forward to this season. Cornell, the preseason Ivy League favorite is following the same path as Stephen Curry’s Wildcats.

Not really. That year’s Davidson team lost their “big games” in the regular season. This year’s Cornell team has won some of them. The similarity: Davidson ’08 wouldn't have gotten an at-large, and neither will Cornell ’10. Sorry. If you’re Davidson, if you’re Cornell, win your league or else. The difference: The Southern Conference gives its bid to its best team over a weekend. The Ivy League gives its bid to its best team over a season.

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