Stephen’s best game yet?

Marcus Thompson on his blog:

Curry’s performance, to my eye, was more impressive that Maggette’s because of the way he integrated his shots with finding opportunities for the rest of the team. If Curry is going to play with Ellis, he’s going to need to know when to feed the shooters and when to look for his own shots. He did a really nice job balancing the two in the first half. His second half disappearance until the final stretch is probably equal parts Denver defense and Warriors’ lack of sharing the ball. But even without touches for nearly 20 minutes, Curry came up big in the clutch. There are still some lazy passes and blown defensive assignments that translate into lost opportunities, turnovers and easy points, but he’s progressing nicely as a rookie. He’s got a steady hand when it counts, and that matters more than any box score can convey.

Monta: “If it wasn’t for Curry hitting the shots he hit and playing the way he played, we probably wouldn’t have had a chance to win tonight. He was awesome at both ends.” FanHouse: Stephen Curry played like he was back at Davidson.

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