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Adam Lauridsen:

This morning I drove by Davidson College, tucked away in the placid lakes and rolling hills of suburban Charlotte. A year ago, this was Stephen Curry country -- already energized by the school’s miraculous tournament run and enjoying Curry’s rise to the top echelon of college prospects. Although this corner of the world has seen a lot of quality basketball, Curry made a lasting impression. He went from being a great college player at a small school, to a great college player, period. Starting Saturday night against Phoenix, the Warriors will look for Curry to make a similar jump -- from an impressive rookie point guard, to an impressive point guard, period. With Ellis out for an unknown period, the training wheels are about to come off. The Warriors are now Stephen Curry’s team to run, for better or worse. If the faith placed in him by those who followed Davidson basketball is any indication, underestimate Curry at your own risk.

Last night: 25 in Phoenix.

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