After the Charleston win

Claire off Thursday night:

The battle cry of the evening became “AR-CHAM-BAULT! AR-CHAM-BAULT!” Deservedly so. Will has upped his game and hustled more than I’ve ever seen this year, and even though I love it when he hits those slanting threes, I think I love it even more when he drives to the basket or is there to tip it in. Singles, little things. Every time we chanted his name, I grinned a little wider, thinking -- he has EARNED this.

Also: THIS is Davidson basketball, loud and sacred, blurry and hilarious and electric, lifting-up, brim-full. In moments like this it’s almost like pride is reverberating back and forth and back and forth, crowd to team and team to crowd until there is no separation. I cannot comprehend that I ever have to leave it.

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