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Here are the third and fourth paragraphs of the Observer’s game story off last night.

“When you’re having fun, it’s the result of the brain sending signals to the rest of your body,” McKillop said. “It’s emitting chemicals to allow your body to be relaxed. I talk to my guys about stuff like that.”

Of course he does. The question is whether that’s true. Really? Having fun makes your brain send signals which then allow your body to emit chemicals that make you more relaxed? I kind of hope it’s true. It’s time for some Googlin’.

It’s been a season of some fun and some, well, unease for the Wildcats (10-11, 5-4 Southern), who won for a second straight time and are still struggling to find themselves as they enter the second half of the conference season. They avenged an early season loss against North Division leader Charleston, which dropped to 10-11, 8-2.
Charleston is the leader of the South Division. And those guys aren’t 10-11. They’re 13-8. Mistakes are made. The good news, though, is that in the Internet era, or whatever you want to call it, they don’t have to stay there, and shouldn’t.


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I think it's true. Michael Murphy wrote about an 800 page book about it. It's the mystery of being in the zone. It sort of comes and goes as it may, but I think the very best athletes can get hold of it more than others, and the very best coaches can evoke it more than the others.