All this, and also this, from Sherwood Strauss, on WarriorsWorld.net:

The transformation feels special.

Today’s Curry is a terror, an impossible question for defenses to answer. Pinpoint passes fly from all angles off the pick-and-roll. He can score from anywhere and can do so off-balance. Steph’s lack of speed should keep him from the rim but he’s developed a herky-jerk high dribble that confounds opponents.

Please hose me down if this is hyperbole: At this moment, No. 30 looks like an eventual combination of Reggie Miller and Steve Nash.

“What will he do next?”

From he’s pretty good to he’s better than we thought to oh my what have we here? -- it’s interesting watching people far away from Exit 30 who know nothing about Exit 30 having this conversation about No. 30.

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