The Kid Reporter comes through

The Stephen and Davidson Google Alerts have been particularly active the last week or so, with all the predictable March talk of the next Stephen, the next Davidson, blah blah blah, and I’ve resisted the urge to post every or pretty much any lazy reference out there. So here comes this one, from Julia Desmond, Kid Reporter, very much worth the read.

“Curry’s skills were not just technical skills,” said Wildcats Coach Bob McKillop. “His skills were emotional skills that usually are reserved for people with significantly greater experience. He was able to play in a game, make a mistake, then go on to the next play. And that’s very rare in a game of basketball for young players, for high school players, and many college players.”

McKillop also had a rare accomplishment: a 100 percent graduation rate among his team. In 17 seasons under McKillop, every student-athlete graduated with a prestigious Davidson College degree. To him it is a simple assumption.

“Isn’t that point?” he said. “The players that come to Davidson College come to Davidson College to be educated.”

Curry originally did come to get his four years of education. He also made a name for himself in the world of college basketball. The NBA started noticing him, but was he ready to leave college?

“I loved college life and didn’t want to leave,” Curry told the Scholastic Kids Press Corps. “That’s why the decision took me so long.”

Curry is now a Golden State Warrior in the NBA. Has he had any regrets about his decision? “No,” Curry says, and that’s that.

But what about McKillop?

“I was torn by my personal desire to see Stephen graduate with the rest of his teammates and classmates and yet I knew that the opportunity with the NBA in that particular year would provide a once in a lifetime opportunity.” McKillop says. “So, I wanted what was best for Stephen.”

McKillop last spring: “There’s a personal sadness for me. We’re about finishing. We’re about completing.”

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