Marshall coach Donnie Jones in the Huntington paper: “I remember watching tape of Davidson and they were running plays, but there were no signals. I started watching their coach. He would pull up his right sock and theyd run a play. Hed pull up his other sock and theyd run a play.”


Evan Downey said...

Yeah, that's how McKillop calls his SLOB and BLOB plays. He talks about it on his DVD. It's pretty hilarious. Apparently, they have a lot of fun with it. He says, it's actually a signal to the five-man who makes the call on the floor. On top of that, now he'll ask the assistants to do it sometimes because the other teams know about it and they'll all look at him. It's what he calls "having an act."

MichaelKruse said...

That's good information right there.