Ready to steal ROY?

Bruce Jenkins:

Curry just knows things, inherently, and that’s a quality that can’t be taught.

Don Nelson doesn’t like to play rookies? “I don’t like to play bad rookies,” Nelson told TNT. “I like to play good rookies, and I've got a good one. Steph Curry is going to be a sensational point guard. We love him to death. He’s the perfect rookie to have, and I play him every moment I can.” 27 points in 48 minutes in a win. Says the Windy Citizen: A way better pro than anyone of us expected. Trainer Idan Ravin: “He has only scratched the surface of his ability.” How? From the archives: ... discourse on nature and nurture: exposure to the game at a high level at an early age, shot form somehow bequeathed through bloodlines, the notion of some sort of organic, ongoing basketball osmosis thanks to his NBA dad.

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