And then there’s this

I watched the first half of last night’s game on ESPN while pretending to work out at the gym, but then I left, because I’m old, and then I was busy today with work, so I didn’t check what happened until tonight when I plugged Stephen into Google News.

Which popped up the following headline from The Big Lead: Kobe Survives the Stephen Curry Show.

Which linked to Marcus Thompson’s story, which started with these two sentences:

Warriors guard Stephen Curry had a question for Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant.

With Lakers guard Shannon Brown at the line, Curry asked Bryant if he was worried.

Curry. Asked Bryant. If he was worried. During a game, by the way, against the defending NBA champs, in which he had 29 points and nine assists and not one turnover. Just when I feel my interest sort of start to wane ... Rookie of the Year. Cornerstone.

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