A note on odd

Been going through a bunch of material for a new project -- details to come on that -- and came across this fun bit from last November from Will:

As writers like Scoop Jackson try to come up with new angles and names for this whole Davidson/Curry thing, it seems like one adjective has been glaringly omitted.


I mean we’ve danced around it with terms like unique and special and one-of-a-kind, but frankly Davidson basketball can be downright odd.

Case in point: As we were watching highlights of Kansas’ elaborate banner-raising ceremony last night, I was told of the story of Davidson’s own Elite 8 banner-raising ceremony.

It consisted of a guy on a ladder and three Sports Info staffers standing in an empty gym clapping.

Upon hearing the clapping from the hallway, a skinny kid wearing a hoodie bounded onto the court and started yelling.

“Steph, stop yelling at the guy on the leader. You’ll make him fall off.”

So the NCAA’s current points leader, first team All-American and now-leading candidate for National Player of the Year runs into the Sports Info office and turns up Queen’s “We Are the Champions” and sings it a little off-key.

We are odd.

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