Claire last week

From her journal to my inbox:

It’s cool. It’s so cool. I’m really excited for him, and proud.

But about thirty minutes ago I watched his press conference in Oakland (he’s already THERE. Wow.) and I just burst into tears. I don’t really remember why, what triggered it. Maybe the whole thing, the weirdness of seeing him so professionalized. Because it’s strange knowing he’s so far away, so separate. Because sometimes, even though I was there and have watched it all happen, sometimes I can’t actually comprehend how he went from Steph Curry December 1 2006 to Steph Curry June 26 2009. How he did things to make this happen. Even though I was there the whole time. I switched back and forth between today’s presser and his post-Gonzaga interview in the locker room, listening to his voice and his tone, trying to make it from that moment to this moment in my mind.

And then I cried harder. Because this little boy said “I got to meet Stephen Curry for the first time today and I’m very excited!” And then he went up and asked Steph why he wears #30. And Stephen smiled down at him and went on about Dell and how it’s a family number and he looked this little boy straight in the eyes and said, “And I started wearing it my freshman year at Davidson College --” and he was smiling and I was sobbing. And then, as the little boy turned to leave, Steph grinned and said, “Thanks for your question, man.” THIS MAN IS GOING TO DO SO MUCH GOOD.

I have no doubt in my mind, and I can’t get over that. I can’t get over being tied to him as part of our collective community and seeing him up there now ...

I just lost it. Because I don’t know if I will ever find the right words to explain. I WATCHED him become this and it’s still unfathomable. I witnessed children (and adults) begin wearing #30 jerseys because they love Davidson, they know him, he’s one of our own, he’s damn good. And now (suddenly? Not suddenly, but it feels like it) it has exploded so far beyond Belk Arena -- 3000 miles -- and I just can’t quite wrap my head or my hands or my heart around that. It almost doesn’t feel real.

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